Why Transparency Is Essential Business

People Fear Making Mistakes

There are no perfect leaders. However, many people are still afraid to admit that they make mistakes. We fear that if someone knows about our mistakes, then they will look at us differently. However, it is important for people to be transparent about their mistakes and failures.

Studies Show That Transparency Works

People should not be afraid to be transparent. In fact, businesses should embrace transparency in order to increase customer loyalty and improve service. Studies have shown that customer service improves by 17 percent when customers can see the cooks. The cooks are also able to prepare the food 13 percent faster when they can see the customers.

Consumers are not the only ones who can benefit when businesses are transparent. In fact, employees have stated that transparency is one of the factors that determine satisfaction and happiness in the workplace. People want to work for a company that knows what it stands for. They also want to work for a company that has long-term plans.

Tips for Being Transparent

Be Personally Transparent

You will need to select one or two social media sites. If you primarily work with other businesses, then you will need to use LinkedIn. Facebook and Twitter work best if you primarily work with consumers. You will need to use social media to share your likes, dislikes and ideas.



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